4 Adventure Sports To Try Before You Die

Each new dawn is an invitation for a new adventure in lives. It is up to you to grab it or let it go. The world has unexplored corners and life is short. So, why not snatch the opportunity from each day and live as long as you want. Are you an adventurous person, who loves the feeling of the throb of the heart? Are you someone, who enjoys the rush of the adrenaline? If your heart, body and soul shout at the highest pitch “YES”, it is the time to act over it.

London is one of the alluring corners of the world. Apart from the skyscrapers, it also has natural elements to its beauty that facilitate various kinds of adventurous sports. People from all around the world come and visit the place to have a taste of the same.

Here are the 4 adventurous sports in London you cannot miss to try before you die. One of the biggest reasons that obstruct people from trying such wonders of life is “MONEY”. If you are someone restricting yourself because of the same reasons, you do not have to do anymore. Loans can be an aid to your misery. If you are unemployed and still want to enjoy these adventures, you may think that dream has turned into a reality with short term loans for unemployed.


If you are tired of climbing the steps of success, this might be the right time for you to take a short break and climb the walls of London. Many different climbing facilities are available but the best one can be Vertical Chill, offering you the opportunity to take a glance at the city from the top. This is an ice wall, open every day except Mondays, providing you with an unusual experience of ice climbing. After you reach the top, you can enjoy the eye catchy view of London and the eternal sky. Get into comfortable pyjamas, take all that you require and get going.

Bunjee Jumping

If you like the speedy fall from the height more than climbing them, bungee jumping is exactly what you need to try. London gives you the advantage to try the same. You can find many different clubs that offer bungee jumping to people. All you have to do is, book your tickets and find the delight in “ALMOST DYING”. Imagine the rush of the blood you get when you fall from the summit hugging and caressing the air, feeling like you are going to die but, OH!! YOU DID NOT!! And, all you now have is bliss and a nig stretched smile.

White water rafting

Whether scared of water or a lover of it, this water sport is the favourite of many. The Lee Valley White Water Centre offers you the chance to enjoy various types of water sports and white water rafting is one of them. It offers you the chance to enjoy the depths of water and its waves without drowning in it. Excited for the same? Book your rafting tickets and get into the life jackets to enjoy the wetness of the cold waves of River Thames. Do not forget to click some pictures to show them off to your family and friends.

Scuba diving

Now comes the adventure you can have in the deep blue water. One of the best adventure sports ones must try once in the lifetime is Scuba Diving. While in London, it is preferred not to try this at River Thames, you must head to Golden Lane Leisure Centre to enjoy the wonders of this sport. Small basic introductory lessons are initially given to the people before finally going underwater for scuba diving. It is the best chance for a person to listen to the silence that deep blue seas hold within them.

So, get set go and squeeze the wonders out from your life by trying these exciting sports.