Payday Loans – Tips to Get Guaranteed Approval in 5 Minutes

Sometimes, your monthly home budget takes a sudden turn and you soon start facing a financial crunch. Also, there are some urgent expenses that need to be meet and you can’t wait for the next salary. Payday loans solve your immediate financial problems in no time. You can borrow easy and instant advance cash by applying online with any top direct lending company in the UK. Later you can repay the availed funds in a lump sum or in instalments. Yes, you heard it right! Some lenders offer instalment options on the payday funds.
Let me give you some useful tips so that you get the guaranteed approval in less than 5 minutes:

1. Analyse your Requirement

First of all, you need to be very clear about the amount that you need. Don’t make a rough estimate. Under-borrowing or over-borrowing can trouble your financial life. Sometimes, people borrow funds more than their requirements and end up having a heavy debt. You can use a mobile app or a manual tracker to sum your expenses.

2. Give a Few Minutes to Research

It is a fact that you are facing a financial crisis and are in a hurry to apply for the payday funds. But, by searching for top lenders and their deals on Google, you can save a good amount on APR. Don’t be lazy and click on the paid ads. Not all deals that are being displayed on the top of the Google search results are reliable.

3. Pick Direct Lenders Only

Numerous mainstream lenders, online direct lenders, and brokers promise you instant payday loans, but in reality, only a few of them are able to give guaranteed approval in less than 5 minutes. Always, choose a direct lending company for your financial needs. They are more credible and customer-friendly.

4. Compare Deals Carefully

Once you have selected the best direct lenders and their deals, you need to compare them carefully. Don’t trust their words blindly. Look at their APRs, repayment plans, terms and conditions, charges, approval time, and other parameters. Keep rejecting deals that are costly and not reliable. Don’t trust estimates. Some lenders just copy paste attractive APR representative examples of the top lenders to their websites, but in actual their interest rates are different.

5. Be Ready with your Details

Most of the online direct lenders ask you to fill your basic information only. They don’t want you to be ready with zerox and scanned copies. Don’t worry, they don’t require your latest credit report too. So, just forget it. Just fill your name, required loan amount, email address, home address, date of birth etc. Always furnish accurate details. A small error in your bank account number can result a blunder.

6. No Credit Check Offers are Quick

If you have a bad credit history and want to access quick funds then never apply for payday loans with lenders who carry out credit screening step. It doesn’t matter whether the lender is ready to go soft on your score as it would waste time and you wouldn’t be able to get approval in 5 minutes. Pick deals with no credit check at all. Many lenders offer affordable and instant funds to the bad credit customers with no collateral.

7. Secured Websites are Reliable and Fast

Many times, you apply to a not so popular lending website, but your request never reaches to the concerned online lending team due to a technical glitch. So, if you are really interested in getting instant approval on these loans, then always apply to lending websites that are secure and use the latest technology. There will be negligible chances of information leakage or sharing.

8. Smartly Choose the Repayment Plan

The online lenders usually offer tailored repayment plans as per your current situation. Instant payday loans for unemployed allow jobless people to repay the debt in instalments. Also, you can repay the complete debt in a lump sum amount once you get the job. However, the total cost of the loan will vary as per the repayment option.

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