Top Tips on Bad Credit Loans with No Guarantor, No Broker and No Fee

Are you thinking of availing a loan for people with bad credit by receiving the instant decision with no fee? Try the lending services of the top online lenders in the UK. They offer quick poor credit funds without the involvement of a broker. Earlier, borrowing money during the financial crisis was not so easy for the poor credit score customers. Nowadays, a borrower with an almost zero score can get fast cash within 30 minutes.

Let’s clear your doubts and present useful tips related to bad credit financing solutions:

Who can Avail 100 % Assured Bad Credit Loans with No Guarantor?

Anybody who is a resident in the UK with age 18 years and above can get guaranteed approval on a poor score funding application with no guarantor. For communication and receiving funds in your account, you should have an active mobile number, email id and bank account.

I am in urgent Need of Money. Can I get an Instant Decision on my Poor Credit Online Application?

Hundreds of reliable lenders in the UK disburse loans for people with bad credit after taking instant decisions with no fee. Choose a lending company after checking their online approval time. If the chosen lender provides same-day funding solutions then you can easily fulfil your urgent need.

I have a Very Bad Credit Score. Can I Apply?

Apply despite of bad credit history

No matter you have a poor credit score or a zero credit score; you stand an assured chance to avail quick funds with no hidden charges. Just look for online lending companies that offer very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker.

Do I have to Pay any Upfront Fee or Extra Charges?


If the chosen lending company is legitimate and ethical then it will never ask you to pay any upfront, processing, or extra charges. They offer FREE lending services irrespective of your credit scores. All you have to pay back is the availed loan (principal amount + interest amount) in monthly repayments. Always read terms & conditions present on a lending website before applying for the funds.

Is there Any Broker Involved? Do I have to Pay Brokerage Fee?


If you are going to avail a very bad credit loan with no guarantor and no broker from a direct lender in the UK, then there is a ZERO percent chance of a broker involvement. Therefore, there is no need to pay any brokerage fee.

How to Apply for Bad Credit Loans with No Guarantor?


Gone are the days when you used to take a few day leaves for applying for loans with typical lenders and banks. Nowadays, you can apply for any kind of loan online in less than 2 minutes. Open the website of any top lender in the UK and look for the online form. Fill some basic details and click the submit button. That’s it!

Are Bad Credit Loans Costly?

If you are asking in comparison to the secured financing options, then yes the interest rates are slightly higher. However, a few extra percent on APR is nothing in front of your bad credit issues and your financial emergency. Moreover, loans for people with bad credit instant decision with no fee are risk-free and easy to avail.

Do I Have to Submit Any Security Against the Loan?


No! Very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker come with NO obligations. You don’t need to get the application form co-signed from any guarantor or submit your valuable assets as security. The complete lending process is online and free of documentation.

Do I have to Attach Supporting Soft Copies with my Online Loan Application?

Well, the answer is NO! You don’t need to attach even a soft copy of your identity proof while applying for poor credit loans with no guarantor on the website of The Easy Loans. We at The Easy Loans offer 100% documentation free experience to all borrowers.

I don’t Understand How APR and Interest Rates Work. Can you Give me an Example?


Different online lending companies charge different APR and interest rates. Let’s give you a representative example of The Easy Loans:

If you borrow £7,000 for 12 months term, then you need to repay £698.35 per month. 34.6% (fixed) Interest Rate P.A. Total Interest Repayable £1,380.15. Total Amount Repayable £8905.15. And 34.6% representative APR.

Can I Repay Monthly?


Yes, you can! All loans for people with bad credit approved on the instant decisions with no fees can be paid off in monthly repayments throughout the tenure. Please carefully check the repayment options of your direct online lender and choose the one that you can easily afford.

What is the Average Loan Duration?

The loan durations of poor credit funds vary from one lender to another. Most of the top lending companies in the UK offer bad credit financing options for 6 months to 5 years. However, there are some lenders who offer higher tenure i.e. up to 15 years.

Does Availing a Bad Credit Loan Help in Improving my Score?


Of course, if you are a sensible borrower and repay on time, then it is going to positively affect your score. During longer tenure, the chances of credit score improvement are higher. Actually, most of the top lenders in the UK submit your monthly repayment reports with the major credit bureaus, which in turn adjust your score as per your report.

Can I Repay the Whole Amount before the Tenure?

Yes, you can. Most of the online reliable lenders in the UK don’t charge any extra fee or pre-closure fee in case if you pay off the complete amount before the agreed tenure. Their very bad credit loans no guarantor no broker are highly flexible and customised as per the borrowers’ needs.

If you have any query related to bad credit financing options, then comment on this blog and let us clear your doubts. Easy Loans UK is committed to offering instant funds to all customers irrespective of their scores.